Unity3D “Maze” WIT assignment


the maze

First semester Assignment for the module of Gaming at WIT collage c/o Waterford

Technical implemented Feature:

Collision detection
• 3D primitives
• Lights
• 2D GUI
• GUIText components
• GUITexture components
• Scripting
• FPS view
• Textures
• Ambient Sound
• 3D objects
• Detection of key strokes
• Animations
• Menu Navigation
• Menu Elements




All the 3D Assets with the exception of the “Rocks” and the Characters, are made by Pietro De Santi using, Blender.   The Scripting has been performed using C#.

The scripting was my main focus although the graphic has been implemented with care.
There is a lot of logic involved in the programming part to be able to handle different situation across different levels.

Some of the logic is here summarized:

  1. Data stored, are persistent throughout all the level.
  2. Pressing letter P would stop the sounds
  3. Pressing letter T would turn on and off the Spotlight
  4. Pressing letter H would turn on and off the Map
  5. Pressing letter Q would (once obtained at least one key) instantiating the third Character that was previously selected.
  6. The HUD, shows : Count down, Number of Keys, Score. It also offers a visual representation of the object picked up.
  7. The Character displayed on the HUD, will chance upon which is selected in the main level.
  8. To do some of the logic,  coroutine, sendmessage, and other technique are used.


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