The maze Continuum

The maze Continuum

Second Assignment Semester 2

On a remote planet of the galaxy a human is forced to find his way out, through a complicated multi floor labyrinth infrastructure.
He has to face difficult tasks in order to escape the planet, such as finding appropriate keys for lifts and doors. Moving through the maze,
he has to collect several weapons which he is going to need in order to defeat the zombies, and medication potions if needed.
Once he succeeds to find his way out to the surface, he still needs to find fuel for the space ship buy cialis overnight shipping. Will our hero escape?



Technical features included in the game:
•Animations with Mechanim
• Menu Navigation
• Finite State Machine (Mecanim)
• Ray casting
• View Ports and Multiple cameras
• Persistent objects across levels (i.e., to keep the score or the number of lives)
• Instantiate objects during the game
• Health bar
• Multi-camera view
• Fog
• Rigid-Body Physics
• Explosions
• Smoke where a grenade has exploded
• Sparks at the point of impact when using a gun
• Layers
• Culling masks
• Rigid bodies
• Instantiate some objects at run-time (creating object during the game through scripting rather than adding them to the scene in the editor)
• Collision detection
• Lights
• 2D GUI
• GUIText components
• GUITexture components
• Scripting
• 3D objects

The project implement the following Extra feature:
1) Choice of the Character at run time
2) Help menu at run time
3) Maximize/minimize Mini-map
4) Aiming Zoom
5) Switching different weapons
6) Detection of the correct weapon/bullet
7) Secret feature pressing q, 3d person character
8) Healing by pressing letter B

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