3D model rigging, for Unity, and Second life

Rigging for Unity and SecondLife

This is a model, I rigged using blender for Unity3D. I also lowered the resolution
using ‘Decimete’ modifier in blender to make it suitable for Second Life.
(Actually it is running on my private Open Simulator hosted on an Amazon Micro sever).

The animation, is just a random silly one I found on my PC as the whole point
is to find the correct pipeline to rig a model and being able to export it for both
Unity Game Engine and Second life, which notoriously have a very unusual and sometimes
difficult to get right, skeleton system architecture.

This is the high resolution of the model running on Unity:  (press to play)


Here below,  a low poly version of the same model rigged for Open Sim and SecondLife. (press to play)


I will soon explain in details the pipeline to get this to work, and also all the tools I used. In the meantime
I will list, in any particular order three to the best websites for Auto Rigging and character customization:

Mixamo Autorigger

This website, offers 2 free auto rig per week for FUSE model only. You can upload other model
of course, and amazingly it will auto rig it perfectly in only five minutes or even less, but for a cost
of 50$ per model.


The version Ikinema for Indie Animators gives you 30 days of free trial.  After, there is a monthly
subscription at the cost of 19.99$.  This website, allows retargeting, posing and animation toolset
used by high-end studios now in the browser.

Autodesk Character Gerator

Free to use online character model and generator. The free version allows you to create in every detail
a 3D model, customize it with cloths etc. You can then export it for free fully rigged on your PC.
The downside is that the free version allows you only to export a low rez model, and you can not
upload your own model for rigging.


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